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No More Snoring: A Proven Program to Conquer Snoring and Sleep Apnea

de Victor Hoffstein (Auteur), Shirley Linde (Auteur) "It is said that in 1843 John Wesley Hardin, the infamous Wild West gunfighter from Texas, shot and killed a loud snorer sleeping 
Expert help for the millions of Americans who suffer from chronic snoring.

Drowsiness, irritability, and congestion. Memory and concentration problems. Decreased alertness and productivity. Increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, migraines, and strokes.

The ravages of snoring are all too familiar, yet easy to prevent.

In No More Snoring, one of the world's leading snoring specialists provides you with a proven, step-by-step program to cure your snoring problem. This expert guide includes advice on:

  • The most common risk factors and what to do about them
  • The latest highly successful treatments developed at the renowned sleep disorders center at St. Michael's Hospital
  • Simple lifestyle changes, home remedies and treatments—including the "snore ball" and the CPAP machine—to try before considering surgery
  • The cost, benefits, risks, and suitability of various surgical options, including laser, UPPP, and new outpatient radiofrequency surgery.
One of the world's leading experts on snoring offers help for the 40 million Americans--and their bedmates--who suffer from chronic snoring and sleep apnea.
John Wiley & Sons Inc (12 janvier 1999)

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